March 2022:

** Penny Phaneuf’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Wyatt, won Best Of Breed and a Group 4 placement in Phoenix.

**Suzanne Browne and her German Shepherd, Dakota, earned the STP-3 and FH-V titles at the recent Schutzhund IGP trial.

**Courtney Guthrie has a litter of German Shepherd puppies.

**Sharon Olthof and her Australian Shepherd, Maverick, earned their STP-2 title at the Schutzhund IGP trial. Maverick also finished his National and International Championships at the IABCA show in February.

**Terri Crawford’s Scottish Deerhound, Caileigh, finished her Grand Championship. Terri’s Deerhound, Gra, earned her 3rd Major and is only 2 points away from her Championship.

**Christy Olthof’s Golden Retriever, Aurora, finished her National Championship and placed second in her class at the IABCA show. Aurora also finished her Beginner Novice Obedience title in Phoenix. Christy’s Golden, Sherlock, finished his International Companion Dog Championship and was Reserve Best In Show Companion dog at the IABCA show. Sherlock also placed second in two classes and third in another class in Rally at the Phoenix show

May 2022:

**Penny Phaneuf’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Wyatt, went Best Of Breed.

**Ruthann McCaulley’s Australian Terrier, Webe, finished his Rally Advanced-Excellent title and earned his first leg in Utility Obedience.

**Suzanne Browne’s German Shepherd, Dodger, finished his Advanced Exterior title, earned his first leg in Advanced Interior and a third place at the Tucson Scentwork trial.

**Christy Olthof’s Golden Retriever, Sherlock earned his second leg in Novice Interior and first leg in Novice Containers at the Scentwork trial in Tucson. Christy Olthof’s Golden Retriever, Aurora, earned her first leg in Novice Exterior at the Tucson Scentwork trial.

June 2022:

**Dave and Terri Crawford are now Bronze level Breeders of Merit. They also had a really good weekend showing: Gra earned her Grand Championship, the two younger girls traded off winning Winner’s Bitch, and one of Caleigh’s siblings finished her Championship.

**Sharon Olthof’s Australian Shepherd, Colby, earned a leg in Novice Container, and her Australian Shepherd Maverick earned a leg in Novice Interior at the Scentwork trial in Tucson.

**Mary Woolverton’s Border Terrier, Crosby, earned a total of 9 points in Conformation.

**Christy and Sharon Olthof have a new Great Pyrenees puppy

September 2022:

**Ruthann MacCaulley and her Australian Terrier, Webe, earned their first Utility Dog leg and a first place in Rally at the show in Alamagordo. They also qualified for the Rally National Championships.

**Terri Crawford and her Scottish Deerhounds, Caleigh and Gra, both earned their Rally Intermediate titles.

**Jill Stout’s Great Danes earned third place at the 4th of July Pets and People Promenade.

**Suzanne Browne’s German Shepherd, Dakota, finished her Advanced Nosework title.

**Lisa Radwill and Rich and Susan Kettner earned second place at the 4th of July Pets and People Promenade with Old English Sheepdogs and a Maltese.

**Christy Olthof’s Golden Retriever, Sherlock, turned 12 recently, and he’s still enjoying showing.

**Jill Stout will be getting a new puppy later this year, the litter is due on Jill’s birthday.

October 2022:

**Sharon Olthof and her Australian Shepherd, Maverick, earned their Rally Advanced-Excellent and Rally Master titles at the Prescott shows. Sharon Olthof’s Australian Shepherd, Colby, passed the CGC.

**Terri Crawford’s two Scottish Deerhound puppies passed the CGC.

**Ruthann McCaulley’s Australian Terrier, Webe, sired a litter of 8 puppies this summer.

**Trish Huck has a new Saluki puppy, her sire is a Westminster breed winner. Her long road trip to pick up the puppy ended in her laptop being ruined by an accidental spill of water.

**Penny Phaneuf’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Wyatt, was in the Top 25 at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Nationals and finished his Bronze Grand Championship at the Utah show.

**Christy Olthof’s Golden Retriever, Sherlock, earned one first place, two second places, a third place, and a fourth place in Rally at the Prescott shows. Her Golden, Aurora, had two first places at the same shows.

                     September 2022 Raffle                  Robin Jones’ name was drawn, she was not present, so the prize rolls over.