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The American Kennel Club [AKC] offers a number of virtual titles in which anyone can compete.

AKC Rally® Virtual Program: The AKC Companion Events Department is excited to announce the AKC Rally Virtual Program has been approved as a permanent sport feature with AKC.  Click on the link for more information: AKC Rally® Virtual Program – American Kennel Club

Virtual Home Manners (VHM) is the answer when you want to train your dog at home. When you get a puppy or new adult dog, Virtual Home Manners can get you started on practical skills before you attend a training class. The Virtual Home Manners tests assess ten skills that well-mannered pet dogs need in the home setting. The skills relate to the dog owner having control over the dog, being able to walk the dog and developing a bond with the dog during playtime. See: Virtual Home Manners – American Kennel Club (

Virtual Scent Work Test (VSWT) provides dogs and owners a way to engage in an activity which utilizes a dog’s natural ability to detect search items from the comfort of a home environment. This test is a basic way for owners to bond with their dog or to help get started in Scent Work. Teams can work incrementally at their own pace while developing skills and confidence. The VSWT consists of three levels – Beginner (VSWB), Intermediate (VSWI) and Experienced (VSWE). Each level has its own set of testing criteria and titles must be earned in order. It takes two passes to earn a title at each level. See: Virtual Scent Work Test (VSWT) – American Kennel Club (

AKC Virtual Obedience: Obedience training is the foundation for all the fun activities and performance sports available to you and your dog. The American Kennel Club Virtual Obedience Test program provides an opportunity for exhibitors to train their dogs, evaluate their skill and teamwork. Two levels of virtual titling obedience classes are offered, with expansion of the program to be released over time. The first two levels in the Virtual Obedience Test program are Virtual Beginner Novice and Virtual Novice classes. There are five different ring setups for each class from which to choose. See: AKC Virtual Obedience Test – American Kennel Club

The AKC Agility Department is excited to announce the expansion of the virtual ACT program to include the new ACT Jumpers classes. As with the original Virtual ACT 1 & ACT 2 exhibitors will record their performance and submit it to AKC. In turn, AKC will assign a pre-selected AKC Agility Judge to virtually review and score the team’s ACT Jumpers performance. ACT Jumpers is open to all dogs over 15 months of age and older that have not earned any AKC agility titles. For more information: ACT Virtual Program – American Kennel Club (

AKC Virtual Trick Dog Competition:  AKC announces its AKC Trick Dog National Competition All AKC Trick Dogs who have earned the Elite Performer title by the deadline can enter this exciting annual event for trick dogs. The title must have been awarded by AKC before entering the competition. Because the competition is virtual (i.e., the judging will be done via video), trick dogs everywhere can participate. See: Announce 2021 Virtual Trick Dog Competition – American Kennel Club (

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