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Every year the Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club offers a $1000 scholarship to a graduating senior intending to pursue a degree in animal health care.  The senior may come from the Sierra Vista, Benson, Bisbee, St. David, or Tombstone high schools, and charter high schools. Eligible students who plan to pursue such a degree are encouraged to apply for the scholarship. Deadline for applying is March1st.


A committee appointed by the GSVKC Board of Directors will determine the scholarship award based on the submitted applications. The Committee may, at its discretion, conduct interiews (formal or informal) of the applicants.  Since the award will be made payable to both the recipient and the educational institution where the winner has been accepted as a student, the use of the funds must be agreed upon by the two payees. The money can be spent for anything that furthers the education of the recipient,  The scholarship is considered an educational grant; therefore, no recipient shall be required to repay the award in whole or in part.


No application will be rejected nor award made based on race, religion, gender or age. Each recipient is requested to provide a short written report to the GSVKC upon completion of his/her first two semesters of college, 

The  name of the recipient will be announced at the appropriate award ceremony conducted by their high school.  The actual award will be made upon presentation to the Club of proof of acceptance by and enrollment in an accredited educational institution.  Neither the award nor the amount of the award is affected by any other scholarship(s) received.  The applicant is responsible for submitting a completed application.

The winner of this scholarship will become eligible to compete for the GSVKC Follow On scholarship for up to $1000/year, as long as the winner continues to pursue a degree in animal health care.

We encourage all potential applicants to attend a meeting of the Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club.  Information can be found on our membership page.


Scholarship application forms and instructions are available at the links below. All requested letters and information must be provided for an applicant to be considered.


Questions?  Email

Scholarship Overview


Counselor Instructions


Follow on Scholarship Information

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