Kate gets some air while dock diving

4th of July Pet Parade

Sundance relaxes after Barn Hunt practice

"Did somebody ring the dinner bell?"

Newly titled AKC Community Canines

Face Off

Webe practices his stack

Snuggle Buddies

On your mark.  Get set. Go!

Pancakes and Pooches

"What's taking Mom so long?  I've been waiting here for like three minutes!"

"Huachuca G Force" Rally Team

Family photo time

Stewarding Class - Prepping for the Coyote Classic

All in a day's work.

Chamber of Commerce Sign Board

           Hwy 92 - Watch for it!

GSVKC Juniors join the July 4th Pet Parade

Jack and Jan Bauer 2016 GSVKC Members of the Year